Video to DVD Conversion Service Perth – only $35 per Tape

Video to DVD Conversion Perth – Only $35 per tape

Phone: 0487 815 493 – 39a Tellen Street, Mullaloo WA 6027

Based near Joondalup Perth, WA, Australia

Transferring VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8 Digital8 & mini DV home movie video tapes to DVD disk.

Video to DVD Transfer Service Joondalup area


Video Tape Conversion – Please Note

Each video tape is transferred to a separate DVD (we do not combine videos into a single DVD).  This maintains the quality of the original, rather than compressing multiple videos to squeeze them on a single DVD

We can transfer video tapes to DVD OR we can convert to MP4 formats for a hard drive, memory stick or thumb drive.

We transfer videos to a standard DVD format.  If you have a computer with video editing software, you can ‘rip’ the DVD to your hard disk and edit them as you wish.  Download free trial video editing software here.

You can make as many copies of the DVD as you wish using your own computer, as the DVDs are not copy protected.

We offer a 10% discount on 10 or more video tape conversions per order.  Get together with a friend and save!



Don’t risk your most precious memories to other cheap, inferior video to DVD conversion services. Do you really want to trust your memories to the lowest bidder? We combine high quality with low prices and give your home movies the same care and attention as if they were our own.

We are a small, family run business that you can trust and rely on. We are not a franchise and not some large, faceless corporate company.

Old VHS video tapes are fragile and degrade over time, even if you don’t view the video. DVDs can last a lifetime. To protect your memories like the video below, transfer your video tapes to DVD now.


Converting VHS videos to DVD disk

Protect and preserve your old VHS video tapes, on DVD disk, for your kids to enjoy in the future, before it is too late by converting to a DVD disk format

Transferring your old home movie video tapes to DVD disk allows you to make copies on your own computer .

PLEASE NOTE: For copyright reasons we are not allowed to copy video tapes containing feature films, or VHS tapes of TV shows that you have recorded from the TV.

Transfer your home movie video tapes to DVD before it is too late

Now is the time to be transferring your old camcorder home movie video tapes to DVD disk.

Video Cassette Recorders are becoming obsolete and many shops no longer even sell them.

Video tapes are easily damaged.

How many times has your VHS video tape recorder ‘eaten your video tapes’?

Did you know that video tapes will steadily degrade over time, even if not used and can be damaged by heat, moisture and magnetic fields?



VHS to DVD Conversion

Act before it is to late!


Protect your precious video tapes by converting them to DVD disk …

Your Wedding video.

Videos of the kids birthday parties.

Videos of Christmas with the family.

Home movies videos of the grandchildren.

Holiday videos

Your videos of the kids growing up.

School play videos.

PLUS all your other home movie video tapes.

Our video tape conversion service includes converting VHS & VHS-C camcorder formats to DVD disk, as well as 8mm tapes, Video8, Hi8, Digital 8 and mini DV video tapes.

Don’t wait until your video tapes eventually degrade so much they become unwatchable and are lost forever, conversion to disk can protect your precious memories for a lifetime .

Video to DVD Conversion service
Perth, Western Australia


Video to DVD Conversion Service Perth – only $35 per Tape
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