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Video Tape Conversion Perth


  • 20 Years’ experience
  • Based in Perth, WA
  • All video tape transfers preformed in-house
  • 24 Hr turnaround
  • Pickup and delivery available
  • Only use branded DVDs and USBs
  • Police checked

$35 per Tape Transfer

Discounts for 10 or more

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Video Tape Conversion in Perth - 24 hr Turnaround

20 Years Experience Converting Videos
* For 10 or more video conversion we offer a free pickup and delivery service within 20 km of Darch

All work performed in-house. We do not send your tapes off to who knows where, like some companies do

Video Tape Conversion Samples

Precious memories of when the kids were young.

Types of video tape that we can transfer

VHS Tapes

VHS Tapes

VHS Video tapes are the large tapes that you used to rent from the video shop. These video tapes normally contain either two or three of material. Convert them today and save you memories for the next generation

VHS-C Tapes

VHS-C Tapes

VHS-C tapes were used by some makes of camcorder. They were much smaller than the normal VHS tapes which meant that the camcorder could be smaller. To play them back in a VCR you had to place the small cassette into a cassette adaptor which you could play back on any standard video player.

Hi8 & Digital 8 Video Tapes

Hi8 & Digital 8 Video Tapes

These tapes with popular will video camera manufacturers. They cannot be played on a standard VHS machine. You had to play the videos back via the camera plugged in your VCR. There are three different types. We can transfer all types including Hi 8 and Digital 8 formats.

Mini-DV Video Tapes

Mini-DV Video Tapes

Mini DV tapes are much smaller than the other types of video tape. They are digital, which means much higher quality that the old VHS analogue tapes.

Video Tape Conversion Prices – Perth, WA

Video Tapes to DVD Conversion in Perth

Video Tapes to DVD

Video Tape to DVD Transfer Perth

We charge per tape regardless of the length of the tape.


1-9 Tapes cost $35 each
10-19 Tapes get a 10% discount
20 or more tapes get a 20% discount
These prices are for conversion to DVD, and include the cost of the DVDs and DVD cases.

Video Tapes to USB Transfer  in Perth

Video Tapes to USB

Video tape to USB memory stick conversion


1-9 Tapes cost $35 each
10-19 Tapes get a 10% discount
20 or more tapes get a 20% discount
If you want your video tapes converted to USB, we charge the following additional prices for the USB memory sticks*

USB Memory sticks $10 each
Please note the price of the USB memory sticks may change over time.

NOTE: We cannot use your USB memory sticks or hard disks due to the danger of viruses infecting our computers.

NOTE: USB sticks will be formatted using NTFS. The video file format is MPG

Video Tapes to Hard Disk Conversion | Perth

Video Tapes to Hard Disk

If you want we can transfer your video tapes to a hard disk.


The price of a new hard disk is $80

PLUS video transfer costs, as below:

1-9 Tapes cost $35 each
10-19 Tapes get a 10% discount
20 or more tapes get a 20% discount
NOTE: Hard disk will be formatted using NTFS. The video file format is MPG

Fast Video Tape Transfers

If a company quotes you a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks for transferring your videos, you must ask yourself why so long?

Are they sending your precious video tapes offshore, maybe to China for cheap conversion to DVD or USB? What happens if they get lost in transport – you have lost your memories forever.

We do everything in-house, which is why we can offer 24 hr video transfer processing as standard. Rush jobs we can do on the same day.

Do not risk your memories to the cheapest quote.

Police Checked for your Peace of Mind

If you want to convert old family videos of your young children, it is vital that you use a service you can trust. You can view by Police Checked certificate below.


Police Checked
Video Conversion Perth
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