Video tape transfer to DVD, USB or Hard Disk

Video Tape Conversion Service Perth

$35 per video tape transfer
10% discount for 10 or more video tapes
20% discount for 20 or more videos tapes


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24 hr Video to DVD converion servcie in Perth

24 Hr Turnaround video tape conversion service in Perth, WA

  • VHS Video Tape Conversion
  • VHS-C  Video Tape Conversion
  • Sony Video8 Tape Transfer
  • Sony Hi8 Tape Transfer
  • Sony Digital 8 Tape Transfer
  • MiniDV Tape Conversion

Video transfered to DVD, USB or Hard Disk right here in Perth, WA

20 Years Experience!



Video tape to DVD Conversion Perth

Transfer your old video tapes to DVD and preserve your memories. The DVD is recorded in a standard DVD format which should play on a DVD player, a Blu Ray Player and on a computer. Each video tape is transferred to a separate DVD. To maintain quality tapes over 2 hours longs are split over two DVDs at no additional cost.


Video tape to USB Conversion Perth

Transferring your video tapes to a USB memory stick means they are converted to a digital MPG file format, which you can edit using video editing software on your computer. You can also upload the videos to YouTube if you want.

Hard Disk

Video tape to Hard Disk Conversion Perth

Copying your videos tapes to a hard disk means that they are in an editable MPG file format. You can view the videos on a computer and on most smart TVs (but this will depend on the TV).


10% Discount

Transfer 10 or more video tapes to DVD, USB or hard disk and you get a 10% discount.


20% Discount

Transfer 20 or more video tapes to DVD, USB or hard disk and you get a 20% discount.


24 Hour Turnaround video conversion in Perth, WA

Our normal video transfer turnaround time is 24 Hrs. If the job is urgent to may be able to offer a same day service, at no additional cost.

Beware of cheap video tape conversion companies in Perth


If a company quotes you a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks for transferring your videos, you must ask yourself why so long?

Are they sending your precious video tapes offshore, maybe to China for cheap conversion to DVD or USB?  What happens if they get lost in transport – you have lost your memories forever.

We do everything in-house, which is why we can offer 24 hr video transfer processing as standard.  Rush jobs we can do on the same day.

Do not risk your memories to the cheapest quote.



Convert your old video tapes today – Transfer to DVD, USB or Hard Disk


Transfering video tapes for 20 years

Experienced & Professional Video Converion service in Perth. 

A small family owned company in Perth.

Video Types

Most types of video tapes converted

VHS video tapes, VHS-C Video tapes, Mini-DV Video Tapes, Video8, Hi8 & Digital 8 Tape Conversions



Don’t risk your most precious memories to other cheap, inferior video to DVD conversion services.

Do you really want to trust your memories to the lowest bidder? We combine high quality with low prices and give your home movies the same care and attention as if they were our own.

We are a small, family run business that you can trust and rely on. We are not a franchise and not some large, faceless corporate company.

Old VHS video tapes are fragile and degrade over time, even if you don’t view the video. DVDs can last a lifetime. To protect your memories like the video below, transfer your video tapes to DVD now.


Perth Based Service

Local suburbs include: Joondalup, Mindarie. Kinross, Burns Beach, Ocean Reef, Mullaloo, Yanchep, Wanneroo, Currambine, Hillarys and City Beach

Free Pickup & Delivery*

Video Tape Pickup Service

* We offer a free pickup and delivery service for 10 or more videos tape transfers for customers living within 25 KM of Darch, WA

Act Now

Transfer your home movie video tapes to DVD or USB before it is too late

Now is the time to be transferring your old camcorder home movie video tapes to DVD disk. Video Cassette Recorders are becoming obsolete and many shops no longer even sell them.

Video tapes are easily damaged.
How many times has your VHS video tape recorder ‘eaten your video tapes’?

Did you know that video tapes will steadily degrade over time, even if not used and can be damaged by heat, moisture and magnetic fields?

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 Video to DVD Perth (nr Joondalup & Wanneroo)

Video Tape Transfer Prices and Discounts

Price per tape


Discount for 10 or more tapes


Discount for 20 or more tapes

We transfer vidoes tapes to DVD, USB and Hard Disk

Video Tape to DVD Transfer Perth

Video tape to DVD conversion

Each video tape is transferred to a separate DVD.

To maintain quality tapes over 2 hours longs are split over two DVDs at no additional cost.

Video Tape to USB Transfer Perth

Video tape to USB transfer

Your video tapes are converted to MP4 video format and copied to a USB memory stick.

This format is ideal for editing your vidoes on your computer.

Video Tape to Hard Disk Transfer Perth

Video tape to Hard Disk transfer

If you have a lot of video tapes then this is the best option.  A 4-hour tape may end up as a 16 GB MPG file, and rather than cram them onto a USB memory stick, you can store as many videos as you want on a portable hard disk drive.

We can transfer VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV
and 8 mm tapes inc Video8, Hi8 & Digital 8 tapes

VHS Tape Conversion to DVD

VHS Video Tape Conversion – Perth

Mini-DV Video Tape Conversion – Perth

Hi8, Vide8 and Digital8 video tape conversion to USB
 Video8 , Hi8 & Digital 8 Tape Conversion – Perth


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Video to DVD Conversion | Video to USB Conversion Perth – only $35 per Tape
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