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About my Video Tape Conversion Services in Perth

The Best - Not the cheapest ...

It pays to check out any competitors you may be considering, before using them.

  • Are their services actually performed within Australia or are they processed overseas?
  • Do they have a proper ABN and are they GST registered?Do they provide proper receipts?
  • Are there hidden extra costs?
  • Do they return your original tapes using Australian Registered Post delivery?
  • Do they provide full contact address and phone numbers, or just a mobile number?
  • Are they using the latest equipment, or the cheapest equipment on the market.
  • We are a small family run company that you can trust and rely on
  • Do you really want to trust your most precious memories to the lowest bidder?

Help to help ...

Welcome to the affordable and dependable video tape to DVD transfer service

  • VHS to DVD, USB & Hard Disk Service
  • We are a family run, Australian company (ACN 123 684 177) dedicated to offering you a high quality, but low cost service, that will protect and preserve your video tapes on DVD.
  • You might be able to hook-up your old video recorder to your computer and make your own digital copies, but how long will it take to transfer all your precious video tapes?
  • We remove the hassle of converting your precious video tapes to DVD disk

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