Types of video tape that we can transfer

VHS – VHSC – Video 8, Hi8 – DIGITAL 8 – Mini DV tapes

VHS Tapes

VHS video tapes are the large tapes that you used to rent from the video shop. These video tapes normally contain either two or three hours of material. Convert them today and save you memories for the next generation

VHS-C Tapes

VHS-C tapes were used by some makes of camcorder. They were much smaller than the normal VHS tapes which meant that the camcorder could be smaller. To play them back in a VCR you had to place the small cassette into a cassette adaptor which you could play back on any standard video player.

Video 8, Hi8 & Digital 8 Video Tapes

8 mm video tapes were popular with video camera manufacturers. They cannot be played on a standard VHS machine. You had to play the videos back via the camera plugged in your VCR. There are three different types. We can transfer all types including Video 8, Hi 8 and Digital 8 formats.

Mini-DV VideoTapes

Mini DV tapes are much smaller than the other types of video tape. They are digital, which means much higher quality than the old VHS analogue tapes.

Professional Video Equipment

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